Ceylon Printers plc

At Ceylon Printers, the things that we stand for are the very same things that make us stand out among our competitors. That's because for over 75 years in the industry, we don't consider ourselves just another printing firm. We are a full service print solutions provider, here to meet and exceed your needs. We pride ourselves on quality, value, and personalized service.

At Ceylon Printers, we are a proactive group of professionals dedicated to all your design, production and printing needs. We are a team of specialists that take immense pride in our jobs, so that your job is complete - on time and beyond satisfaction. We possess the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to satisfy the needs of medium sized businesses to large corporations.

What sets Ceylon Printers apart from our competitors is our focus on excellence and attention to detail. We have the capacity to take full ownership of creative projects and can act as a full-fledged outsourced creative and printing department for a company. We will gather initial project input, steer toward the most effective creative and printing options, deliver creative copy, manage the printing process, and deliver the final product.


Corporate Values

Our Values are the cornerstones of our company. Our values enable us to bring the very best print solutions to you. We Value…

Customers: We are here to please our customers, without them nothing else matters.

Quality: We must take pride in everything we do. From our people, to our products and in our relationships with business partners and our community, quality is our signature.

Trust and Integrity: We believe that our success must be built on a foundation of integrity, respect and trust.

People: We believe the potential of our company has no limit and is driven by our employees and their imagination. We are committed to an environment that attracts, motivates and recognizes high performance.

Shareholders: We must provide a superior return to our shareholders. It's everyone's job in our company.

Our Methodology
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